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Enterprise Empress is a women’s empowerment lifestyle brand and program designed to provide resources to support the multifaceted woman. The multifaceted woman embraces multiple titles, undertakes different ventures, and builds generational wealth. She is a “Jackie of all trades, Master of HER empire.” EE connects empresses through media, e-commerce merchandise, and conferences.

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Empress News provides a media platform to help support and highlight multifaceted women. This encompasses celebrating the diversity in things we do as women and providing expert content to help empresses in the world be more efficient and productive.


This platform isn’t just for a specific type of woman, but for empresses who wear more than just one title, including mom, wife, boss, executive, employee, sister, community activist, and many more. Enterprise Empresses fix each other’s crowns, encourage dreams, and help build unique empires that support all types of women’s interests.

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WOMANISM (WOMAN•ISM): The act of empowering other women;

I See Me in you.

Womanism is all about helping women see themselves in other women and promoting women’s empowerment in our everyday lives. Womanism merchandise celebrates and uplifts the extraordinary empress, who doesn’t fit into a box and inspires other empresses to build HER empire.



Empress Exchange Conferences are designed to connect and develop empresses while providing resources to assist the multifaceted woman. Our conferences defy stereotypes and showcase that women can lead, grow, do business, and build wealth together. Our company and partnerships are based on functional, healthy relationships. In providing a platform that supports the multifaceted woman, Enterprise Empress gives women the tools to help them achieve their goals. Our goal is to make sure the multifaceted woman knows she’s supported and not alone.

We want to impact women, those who build purposeful, passionate projects, those who are like-spirited, and women who want to influence not just themselves but the lives of others around them and generations to come.


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