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FIT is the parent company of four independent firms that each address different underserved needs within communities. Our team not only manages our brands, but are consultants assigned to help you with your vision, organizational needs, and/or brand. 


Collectively under the F.I.T. umbrella we complete organizational and managerial tasks that support the productivity and growth of an entire organization and its individual departments or teams including producing visions, improving communities, and empowering people. Our team becomes your team, our collective experiences and knowledge is to your benefit.

We are creating jobs, supporting underserved communities, and providing developmental services to organizations with purposeful visions.


FIT builds collaborations with local faith-based and nonprofit organizations, government, and businesses in underserved communities.

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We help make communities fit!

Why are we committed to helping make communities FIT?


To better serve residents in communities that are underserved in art and culture, community development, women empowerment, and food security.

We help build communities and make them FIT through collaborations and programming. FIT produces sustainable projects by partnering with viable entities within the community.

More About Us


Askcolestars is a consultant firm that specializes in collaborating with businesses, faith-based, community-based, and government-based organizations on various projects. It also provides organizations with administrative, management, development, and implementation support.

Artwalk Presents

Artwalk Presents focuses on producing art and culture projects such as community festivals, artistic experiences, and digital catalogs of local artists. We bring pop-up experiences to communities offering consistent arts exposure to residents and opportunities for visual and performing artists. 



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Enterprise Empress

SPROUT is a nonprofit that is combating food insecurity and serving residents through community refrigerators with free groceries, technology advanced community gardens, and developing programs to help transition farm workers into restaurant management and culinary arts careers.




Enterprise Empress (E2) is a women’s empowerment brand created to connect multifaceted women through media, conferences, and ecommerce merchandise. We highlight women from the community, biweekly on Miami Community News, during our “Today’s Jackie Show" and monthly in the Gospel Truth Magazine.

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